Study visit in Norway

From each group that had successfully finished the “Climate Response - Local Adaptation Knowledge” training, two persons (a total of 16) took part in the 4-day study visit to Norway sponsored by EEA Grants.

During the study visit, they increased their knowledge with the climate adaptation practices of Norwegian local governments in connection with local best practices, they established professional connections, and increased their motivation to support climate adaptation at their municipalities.


  • Thematic guided tour on the riverside of Akerselva and to Vulkan revitalised brown-field
  • Visit at Environmental Agency of Oslo's municipality
  • Guided tour to see open and local solutions to manage storm water in city district of Ensjø (Oslo)
  • Presentation in CICERO (Center for International Climate and Environmental Research)
  • Visit of Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children
  • Initiatives and best practices of the municipality Baerum/Fornebu
  • Mitigation and adaptation initiatives of Rygge

Detailed summary about our experiences – Project summary of the study visit

"Answers to Climate Change in Norway - Thematic Networking Event" (EEA-C2-4-B01) project was managed by Energiaklub, in the framework program "Adaptation to Climate Change" of EGT Financal Mechanism 2009–2014. The donor partner of "Climate Answer" project, Nordland Research Institute has paricipated in the organisation work of the study visit. The project was supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Thematic photo gallery: